Our last full day serving in Haiti for our 2015 missions trip started out with the first debilitating illness of the trip. Dan awoke in writhing pain and had decided that he was not going to be able to participate in the day’s activities. Before we were to leave, Delinda led a devotional on knowing when to rest and listen to the Lord. This was very timely with the way Dan was feeling after having worked almost non-stop for the entire week we have been here. Hearing this devotional helped Dan find peace about not being able to work today. Then as a group we prayed over him. No more was the praying done than he stood up and declared that the pain had been completely lifted from his body! Praise God for this miracle healing!!! Dan quickly got dressed and we were on our way.

As we travelled to the mountain village of Boujuint for the last time this year, we were very excited about working more on the foundation that was being set, physically and spiritually, for the new church in this community. It was today at the project site that we recorded our quick videos about our trip. Not long after we arrived, the village children began congregating at the build site. Soon we were playing games with them once again, while the men (and Candace) began to lay more blocks. We have all wanted to get our hands dirty everyday with the building project, but on some days that just wasn’t possible given the limited amount of space and tools. After a couple of hours, we decided to take the children to the current church structure again for some crafts. Preceding the crafts, once everyone had made their way to the church, Evelyn (Ric’s wife) did a presentation for the children about being kind and respectful to all people: adults, children, friends, everyone. After this we began making crafts with pipe cleaners and beads. The children all had a great time using their imaginations to make beautiful designs. Those of us with long enough hair received free hairstyles again from our talented friends. Ivy, Heather, and Jodi all ended up with corn rows in their hair and wore them proudly!

Back at the building site, the men continued feverishly working on laying the blocks, trying to get as much done as possible while we could. We would all love to see this project through to completion, but that just won’t be possible. There will be two more phases of the project completed by two more teams. The hope is that the church will be completed by the end of May. By the time we come back next year, we will be able to worship in a house that we helped build! Before leaving the construction site today, we had a few pictures taken of the team. Saying good-bye to our new friends in Boujuint was not easy, but we are blessed to have met so many people that it was hard to say good-bye to!

On our way home from Boujuint, we took a detour to travel through the city of Cap Haitian. We passed a number of Mardi Gras parades during this adventure. We also stopped at a bakery for some tasty treats. After getting home and eating dinner, we had a discussion about the trip and transitioning back into our daily lives. Lives have been changed here. Good things are coming, here in Haiti and when we get back to our day to day lives.

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