Happy Valentine’s Day to all the loved ones back home while we are in Haiti!

We were blessed today to have the opportunity to watch soccer practice for the team that Ephesien and John Baptiste have put together for boys ages 8-14 in the village of Dubout. The team practices every Saturday morning at 7am. The boys are learning the fundaments of soccer, and at the end of every practice they receive a Bible lesson. There are also requirements for being on this soccer team. First, they must attend church every Sunday (it doesn’t have to be the Dubout Church, any church is acceptable). When they attend church, they have a card they take to receive a stamp on. To participate in the next practice, they must bring the card back with them to the practice. Second, they are required to go to school and pass all of their exams. Third, they are required to complete community service, and lastly they are required to be good citizens and not get into any trouble. This is such a great program, and the children in it are so eager!

After soccer practice we headed off to Boujuint to continue on the building project. Today it was time to set some blocks in the trenches that had been made. The rain eventually brought the workday to an early close, but not before we had a few hours in and one side completed. While the men were working on this, the ladies headed to the church again for some more VBS, crafts, games, and hairstyling. The Haitian girls LOVE playing with, combing, and styling our hair for us. This was our fourth day in this village spending time with the children, and we have created such a bond. Other Haitian things that we have been able to enjoy while in Boujuint this week are: sugar cane, coconuts, & guava. During our evening church service tonight: Candace gave her testimony with the help of Ephesien translating, Pastor Ray (also with Ephesien’s help) delivered an absolutely phenomenal sermon, and worship was exhilarating! This week we have been to four church services so far, and while we have loved each and every one of them, they just keep getting better!! Trying to describe what worshipping with our Haitian friends is like really isn’t possible. The only thing that I can really say is that you all must experience this for yourself at least once during your life!!

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