As parents, we must vigilant to protect, monitor and help our children have healthy boundaries on the technological front. For a long time, this meant investigating and monitoring every single screen that had access to the Internet. But help has just arrived! Now there is a device that will help us as parents do everything we can to protect and monitor our children online.

Circle is a device that works in conjunction with your home network. It monitors all activity on ANY Internet enabled device. Phones, tablets, desktops, laptops and everything else is monitored.

But wait, there’s more! Circle can also help you set healthy Internet boundaries, by setting time limits, setting bed times, pausing the Internet, creating detailed reports, setting up custom filters, for ANY individual device or for all your devices. This truly is a game changer that will help us help our children with their technology.

Circle does much more. For a more clear summary of what Circle can do, click here to read an unbiased review that summarizes each feature in more detail. Pastor Jared is a Children’s Pastor who also works in the technology field for an app company.